This Is What Made A Woman’s Figure Hot Through The Time

Fashion and lifestyles change every few months but when you look back at them, you wonder why these trends were so in fashion once. Here are photos to explain how the trends related to women figures evolved from the 1920s to today. From Marilyn Monroe’s curves to Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, check out how times have changed:

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1. The Flapper Girl of 1920 had sleek and slender legs which gave them an overall graceful and fashionable look.

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2. 1930s were all about having curves and being proud of them. 

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3. The women from 1940s had a well-defined waist line and much less curves than their 1930s counterparts. 

The bold Katherine Hepburn was a classic 1940s lady.

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This Is What Made A Woman’s Figure Hot Through The Time

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