Pizza, World’s Saddest Polar Bear Is Going Back Home!

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World’s “saddest” polar bear isn’t sad anymore. After massive global pressure (thankfully), Pizza the polar bear has been moved to a happier home after the authorities shifted him from a cramped cage in the middle of a Chinese shopping mall to the Ocean park.

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Pizza, a three year old polar bear, has said to be reunited with his parents in the Ocean Park in northern China where he was born.

Over the past few months, experts had started to see signs of Pizza’s deterioration and serious depression. Pizza was previously caged inside a mall in Guangzhou, south China.

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In October, three animal rights groups had called for the mall to be closed. They claimed that footage of Pizza’s pacing and head swaying hinted at his mental decline.

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Pizza, World’s Saddest Polar Bear Is Going Back Home!

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