21-Year-Old WWII Soldier’s Sketchbooks Show War Through An Architect’s Eyes

When Victor Lundy, 21, enrolled in the military, he was a student of architecture. The boy did not give up his creativity, rather he used his skill to sketch the images of War. He documented his experiences through the war in form of his art. He made a series of sketchbooks, in them he recorded everything he saw during the war. He captured scenes where lives were lost as well as scenarios where the soldiers are enjoying free time while playing games or resting.

Young Victor Lundy

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Lundy, now 92, created the drawings between May and November 1944. He went on to have a great career as an architecture. He donated his eight sketchbooks to the Library of Congress in 2009, and all eight of them have been digitally archived.

He in an interview shared his views on each picture. Here are the photos and their details by Lundy himself.

1.  Part of the Atlantic Wall, Quinéville 6 men from L Co. hurt here, 6 killed. (September 21, 1944)

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2. En-route to Europe. Promenade Deck. “And you know, we were far from even thinking of combat. They didn’t tell us. We didn’t know what was going to happen, once we landed. …—you know, the day it happens they tell you.” (September 2, 1944)

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3. Bill Shepard. (June 6, 1944)

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4. “Pat” (T/Sgt. Patenaude) zeroing in with the 60 mm mortars in front of the 3rd platoon. (November 1, 1944)

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5. France. Cracking the Zeigfried [i.e. Siegfried] line, air raid over Germany Seen on a morning hike. “…we would see that in Normandy but also when we were in combat, at least two times, and boy, did that cheer us up on the ground.” (September 13, 1944)

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21-Year-Old WWII Soldier’s Sketchbooks Show War Through An Architect’s Eyes

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